Mail…Kimp??? 50 Episodes??? Question Marks???

Hey Finger Fam,

Tired of spam e-mails about penis enlargement, hot local singles, and desperate Nigerian princes? Well, we can’t help with that, but while we’re on the subject of e-mail…

We’ve got a mailing list! You can now join the “Finger Fam” mailing list to stay in the know with new episode links, podcast announcements, and monthly newsletters! And with so many new things on the horizon, you’re going to want to get in on the ground-floor with this thing.

With this Thursday’s drunken review of Hell or High Water, we have finally reached 50 episodes! Wow-za! Are you guys sick of this thing yet? Actually, nevermind. Don’t answer that. Anyway, to celebrate 50 episodes here’s a 48 episode rainbow banner, because 48 fit the banner size better than 50 would!


Thanks so much for listening! We continue to enjoy making this podcast for you, and we’re exciting to see it grow! Stay tuned.


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