New Merch, Our First Sponsor, & More!

Hey Finger Fam,

TWO huge announcements for you guys, subsequently followed by some small to medium sized announcements, too.

T-Shirts are in! Stickers are in! Everything is in! The shirts come in Heathered Cardinal and Heathered Indigo, with our logo printed in soft water-based ink on Gildan Ultra Cotton so you can comfortably wear your podcast allegience. Stickers are 3×3 vinyl squares, great for tagging your town with HMF pride! Head over to our Webstore¬†to pick some up for yourself, including a great package deal to save you some cash(for more merch later on).

That’s right: we’re in the big time now. Legacy Printing from Landing, NJ has signed on as our first official sponsor. They’re the folks responsible for our awesome new T-shirts, so you should definitely hit them up if you have any printing needs! Great prices and awesome customer service. Tell them we sent you!

That awkward moment when you realize you’re not on Stitcher yet so you quickly remedy the situation and consequently you’re now available on Stitcher. Yeah, that one. No more switching between podcast apps if Stitcher is your jam. You’re welcome. Don’t forget to subscribe and rate us on Stitcher!

On the bottom left of every page, underneath the Support heading, is our Amazon Associates button. If you’re looking for a quick way to support the podcast, simply click that button and we’ll get a % of any regular purchases you make on in that browser window within 24 hours. Click. Shop. Support. Simple, right?

On the bottom right of every page, underneath the Donate heading, is our Paypal Donations button. This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you feel like graciously supporting the podcast financially but you don’t want any merchandise and you don’t have any shopping to do on, just click the Paypal button and make a donation. We appreciate donations of any size! But most of all we just appreciate the listens!

That’s all the announcements I have for now. I am certain there will be more soon, as Joe and I are constantly trying to improve. We’re super appreciative of all the support thus far, very excited to hit 50 episodes, and totally ready to provide another season of Oscar coverage this winter. Stay tuned!


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