Hey Finger Fam,

We are always trying to improve the HMF experience for our listeners, so today we have some exciting announcements for the fam.

You’re actually reading one right now. How’s that for meta? We’ll be sure to post all of our latest news right here on so you’ll never miss an announcement! You can also click the News tab at the top of the site to browse all of our News posts in one place.

We’ve actually always had video episodes on our YouTube, but up until now they were just podcast audio set to the artwork for each episode. Not too exciting. Now, we’re set-up to record video whenever we record a new episode so that you hear AND see how drunk we get. Our first real video episode is up now for our drunken review of Don’t Breathe, which we’ve embedded below. In the future, you can find all of our video episodes embedded right underneath the Soundcloud player on each episode post. We would also really appreciate it if you took the time to Subscribe to our Youtube!

We’ve gone through and tagged every episode post with relevant tags, so you can click and see all the Jonah Hill or Marvel or Horror movies we’ve reviewed. You can find the tags on the left-hand side of every post.

We’ve also created a bunch of useful categories so that you can sort our episodes by the Oscars they were nominated for! Will anybody actually use this? Probably not, but we spent a long time doing it anyway! Find all those new categories by clicking on The Oscars tab at the top of any page.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more announcements right on!

– Mike

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